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Whether you’re a long-time retro gaming devotee or have just recently unearthed some childhood memories in your cupboard, we know that your retro console might need a tune-up from time to time. Consoles are just like any other appliance — they wear down and degrade over time. But the good news is that video game console repair across Australia is our specialty here at Retro Sales!

A console repair store for every generation of gaming

We take what we do very seriously at Retro Sales. Older consoles aren’t just a fun gateway to childhood memories — they’re also a way to preserve cultural artefacts and pieces of our history that might otherwise be lost. Given the complexities that often surround getting older pieces of technology and games being re-released, we want to make sure that they can be played for as long as possible.

We repair, service and mod nearly all consoles and handhelds from all generations and manufacturers. Additionally, we also stock spare parts for consoles — so if you know that you’ve got a missing component in your console, we can usually get it sent straight to your home.

  • Atari — 2600, 5200, Lynx
  • Commodore — Commodore 64
  • Mattel — Intellivision
  • Microsoft — XBOX, XBOX 360
  • Nintendo — NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS
  • Sega — Master System, Mega Drive, 32X, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast
  • SNK — NeoGeo
  • Sony — PlayStation 1, Playstation 2, PSP

If you don’t see your particular device listed, just get in touch with our team. As longtime retro experts, we’ll see if we can assist you with your issue.

The good news is that many console problems are relatively straightforward to resolve. Components wear out, dust can build up, and other issues can arise as a result of the ageing process. After all, no one was expecting these devices to last for 30 or 40 years and still be in playable condition!

With that said, it’s still worthwhile having a professional — like us — carry out these repairs. Consoles of any era can be complex and delicate, and when you add in factors such as ageing, inbuilt batteries and electricity supplies, it can be a dangerous task to attempt on your own.

The video game repair store for all your retro needs

Our senior technician holds an electronics engineering degree, with 30 years of experience. We have high-quality tools and a focus on attention to detail. We're also listed as the preferred Australian installer on many supplier websites, including:

So if you’re in need of repairs, simply get in touch to discuss your needs, choose a service and post in your console.

More than just console repair experts

In addition to our repair services, we also sell an extensive range of retro games, consoles, manuals and other components. We’re collectors, not resellers (as you can see on our FAQ) and are committed to supporting the retro gaming community across Australia. We even offer gift cards!

So why not get in touch with us today? We can book your consultation for your console repairs and take care of all your other retro gaming needs in the process too.

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