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SEGA Master System

Repair Service


SMS Black screen fix

This is a general repair service for SEGA Master System consoles that are not booting or working on your tv. It's very common for these old console to not boot at all, or just display a blank or black screen. No audio, etc. are all common faults.


Let's quickly start with some basics.


SEGA Master System 1 - This is the long, rectanlge shaped console. This one has a rear socket and simply plugs into your TV with AV cables. If this one isn't working, we recommend you power it up fiorst without the game cart inserted and see if that works. Most of the time this console suffers from dirty games.


SEGA Master System 2 - This is the 2nd release Master System console which is small wirth rounded edges and a lift up front cover where the game plugs in. This one does not have a socket on the rear and only has RF to connect to your TV. This one needs to be tuned into a frequency on your TV which is troublesome. We recommend performing an AV mod on this console to give it the AV connectors that were on the model 1 console. You can select this option from this page.



Typical issues

  • master system not reading games
  • master system black screen
  • master system not working
  • master system no video
  • sega master system not reading games
  • sega master system not turning on
  • sega master system wont tune in 

We give your console a once over and repair anything we find that needs doing. We treat this repair as a diagnostic best effort, as sometimes its not possible or not viable to repair all consoles due to cost or availability of chips and parts. 

Simply buy this service and post your console into us. We'll get to work and aim to repair it. We will keep in contact with you as we go.



There may be further costs for the repair, but we will not bill you a cent extra until discussing the findings of this initial service. 



      What to post in?

      For this job, we recommend sending in the following items as the fault can be with one of them.

      • Console
      • AV cable (or the cables you're using to connect to your TV)
      • Power supply
      • Games (It's common for your games to be dirty and be the underlying cause of the blank screen, so send one game which we'll clean properly and and use as the test cart)
      • (No controller needed)



      How does the process work?

      1. Buy this repair service (return shipping is calculated at checkout).
      2. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
      3. Post in your console, the kit, accessories and a test game.
      4. We repair your console.
      5. We post your console back to you with the prepaid shipping costs from checkout.


      Who pays for postage?

      • You organise postage and ship your console in.
      • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you.

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