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Repair Service

Nintendo SNES 60Hz mod

This is a repair service for the Nintendo PAL SNES console. The console runs at 50hz by default, this mod allows it to run a full speed at 60hz like USA consoles.


By default the PAL video standard runs at 50Hz and NTSC at 60Hz. This makes games play noticeably slower. Once you've experienced playing games at 60Hz you'll find it hard to go back... This service allows you to mod your slow PAL SNES to 60Hz.



This mod will force the console into 60Hz which can be controlled via a switch we install on the rear of the console. If you don't want this switch installed and prefer it to always remain in 60Hz, then please contact us at the time of ordering.


Video Output

Once the console is switched into 60Hz, the colour will be lost if you're using basic composite video cables. (This is because the internal crystal is set to an unsupported speed and your TV wont understand it)

We strongly recommend using RGB cables such as RGB SCART into an OSSC or RetroTink or buying a 3rd party HDMI adapter. These video output methods will work at both 50 and 60hz.


We stock limited numbers of these HDMI adapter solutions.

This product is excellent - Link

This product is even better - Link



What to post in?

For this job, we recommend sending in the following items.

  • Just the console  (No accessories needed)


Our repair centre for this work is located on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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1 / 94 Kangaroo Avenue
Queensland          4216




These videos will explain the benefits of this mod.



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