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We also offer console upgrade and console repair services in our store. If you have a retro game console in Australia that’s acting up, or you would like to improve its performance and reliability, just give us a call. 

Custom 3D printing

We've just added 3D printing of custom parts to the services that we offer fans of retro games in Australia! 3D printed parts we have already printed include power supply mounts, SD card trays, HDMI mounts and battery door covers. If you need a part that you cannot get hold of, contact us and discuss your needs.


 What are considered retro games?

Any game that is not from the current generation of games could be considered a retro game. However, the term is normally reserved for games that were originally released at least 15-20 years ago. Some people apply a stricter definition and only consider games from the 80s and 90s as retro video games — but whatever definition you like is fine with us!

Which game consoles are retro?

Again, there are different opinions on what constitutes retro as far as game consoles are concerned. If you feel that anything over 15 years old is retro, then you’re going to have to include consoles like the Xbox 360 in your list. Many people think that a true classic retro video game console should be much older, like the Sega Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive, along with the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo (SNES) and early Sony PlayStation models.

Are retro games a good investment?

The retro gaming market has risen steadily for years. We always recommend buying games to actually play, but of course sometimes certain games are fantastic for your collection and can happily sit on a shelf and appreciate in value. You could certainly make money further down the line by snapping up the best retro video games now and holding on to them. Why not share them with your kids when the time is right?

Should you sell your retro games and consoles?

If you’re not using them, yes. But you have the space to store them, we’d hang on to them as you never know when the urge to play retro video games may strike! Of course if you’re short on cash we are always buying so reach out to use with your sale or trade in

How to sell your retro games and console? 

You can list them on popular auction sites and take your chances with bidders or, if you want to make sure they go to a good home, you can simply trade them in with us. Whether they are in great working order or in need of repair, we’ll be happy to make you an offer and see them live on.

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