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CD DVD Disc Repair Service

Disc Resurfacing / Disc Buffing / Disc Cleaning / Disc Scratch Removal

Game Discs CD DVD Blu-ray

This is a disc repair service for your old game discs that no longer play due to scratches, etc

If you have discs that won't read we can repair them using our professional in-house disc resurfacing machines. Our machines are able to remove most scratches and imperfections which restores the functionality of a given disc. Light - medium scratches and imperfections restore well, breathing new life into scratched discs. Some really heavy scratches will not be possible, but we can try.

If you have valuable discs that no longer function, don't throw them out!

We are able to repair worn CD's and DVD's using our in-house disc resurfacing machines.

Our machines are able to repair following games and music from all sytems & consoles.

- Music CD
- DVD movies
- PlayStation 1
- PlayStation 2
- Sega CD
- Neo Geo CD
- Sega Saturn
- Sega Dreamcast
- Original Xbox
- Xbox 360
- Nintendo GameCube (We use an adapter for the small discs)
- Nintendo Wii
- TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine
- Atari Jaguar CD

We can also repair Blu-ray discs from the following consoles.

- BluRay movies
- PlayStation 3
- PlayStation 4
- PlayStation 5
- Xbox One
- Xbox Series S/X
- Nintendo Wii U


1. Where to get game discs resurfaced?

At Retro Sales of course! Simply buy the service below and send in your discs.

    2. How much does it cost to get a game disc resurfaced?

    We offer bundle prices as most people need to repair a few at a time. It also makes more sense to send in a few at a time to save on postage.

    3. How do I get my game resurfaced?

    Simply buy the service below and send in your discs.

    4. Can you repair the small Nintendo GameCube discs?

    Yes we can. Our machines have an adapter to allow us to repair the small mini-DVD sized Nintendo Game Cube discs.

    5. Can you resurface PlayStation games that have black or blue discs?

    Yes we can. Those early PS releases have a different plastic compound which repairs very well. 

    6. Do you guarantee results?

    We have the best disc repair machines in Australia, so we will give it a really long run time to cut the damaged layer down and hopefully remove most scratches. So far we have seen a 95% repair rate, but there will always be some bad ones we cant fix.

    7. Postage

    We recommend you send in the discs on their own without the cases. Use tracked postage with insurance if your games are valuable.



    How does the process work?

    1. Buy this repair service (return shipping is calculated at checkout).
    2. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
    3. Post in your discs.
    4. We repair your discs.
    5. We post your discs back to you with the prepaid shipping costs from checkout.


    Who pays for postage?

    • You organise postage and ship your discs in.
    • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you.




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