Frequently Asked Questions on Retro Video Games

What's the story behind Retro Sales and who runs it?

The idea for a retro gaming store originated out of the frustration from buying and collecting games and consoles from eBay. The prices were high and often there were issues with sellers not being honest. Our founder decided enough was enough and he started RetroSales with a simple mission — to create a huge oasis of retro video games where classic and retro gamers could hang out, reminisce, learn and buy retro video games from a trusted source at decent prices. There are a few other staff members who help with orders, shipping, sourcing stock, blog writing, etc

How are items posted?

All items are posted via Australia Post

How much does postage cost?

Add the items you're interested in to the cart, then on the cart screen you will see a postage calculator where you can enter your postcode. Australia post prices are pulled live and calculated for any destination.

Is the postage combined?

Yes, all postage is combined based on weight

Where do you get the stock from?

We source retro video games from local suppliers and also Japan via our importing service

What's the importing service?

We can import any item from Japan on your behalf at very competitive prices. We have teamed up with another business who operates a large scale importing service, they have teams of people in Japan to take care of all the language and postage issues. They ship to Australia via EMS or Container. Contact us to find out more.

Are the consoles tested and working?

All consoles are cleaned, tested and repaired before sale. They come with a 90 day warranty.

Do you clean the game and contacts?

Yes, all games are cleaned. The pins and contacts are cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol to ensure they work flawlessly in your console. We highly recommend you buy some Isopropyl Alcohol from Bunnings paint department and use it on all of your games and console cart slots.

Are you a dirty reseller?

No, Darren our founder has been playing and collecting video games for over 30 years. He's 39 now and grew up with the Commodore 64 era, then got into the Sega Master System which kick started his passion for retro gaming. From there he got into the 16bit era with both the SNES and Mega drive and considers this era the best of all. His collection is made up mostly of rare items and sealed items instead of whole game sets. He does admit to having 43 consoles right now though :P Check out our blog post on Collectors vs Resellers

Do you mod the consoles yourself?

Yes, you can watch Darren's videos on YouTube here Global Garage YouTube Channel

Do you also run Global Garage?

Yes, this was Darren's first company and it's still making the best retro video game power supplies available Global Garage

Can I advertise on your websites?

Yes, contact us here Advertise

Is this your full time job?

No, Darren works full time as an IT Architect for a large technology company. He has a Masters Degree in IT and also Electrical Engineering. Retro gaming is a hobby

I have an idea or want to suggest a new feature or page

We love hearing from members, so feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions Contact

Do you repair consoles?

We're considering a post in, post out service as we don't have a retail shop front. We're still considering this service as it takes up a lot of time and we would need to charge appropriately. At this point we do repairs, upgrades and mods on request only, so contact us with your exact requirement for a quote Contact

Are you a SEGA or Nintendo fanboy?

Both! Sony and SNK aren't bad either. The Sega Master System will always be a favourite, but we consider the SNES the best console ever made. Nintendo just got it right it so many ways, the console was powerful, controller was perfect, the games were amazing and it was marketed well. From here though Nintendo lost their way and the N64 is our least favourite console. That controller sucks! We think Sega could have gone on to dominate gaming today if they had only released the Saturn earlier instead of the 32X. The Dreamcast is also one of the greatest consoles ever made, but the worst marketed console in history as it lacked the DVD drive that the PS2 had. This was ultimately what won the gaming war and saw the end of SEGA. It's such as shame. As far as modern consoles go, the PS4 seems to be killing it, but the XBOX One also has a place on the shelf. Here's our blog on the topic The First Great Console War