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 Handheld Console Cleaning

This is a cleaning job for your handheld console like the Nintendo Game Boy or SEGA Game Gear

We work will all handhelds, but some of the more common ones we like to work with are:

  • Game & Watch (Clean only)
  • Game Boy Original (New plastic lens included)
  • Game Boy Colour (New plastic lens included)
  • Game Boy Pocket (New plastic lens included)
  • Game Boy Advance (New plastic lens included)
  • Game Boy SP (Clean only)
  • Game Boy Micro (Clean only)
  • Game Gear (Glass lens is extra)
  • Nomad (Clean only)
  • Atari Lynx (Clean only)
  • DS / DSi / DS Lite / DS XL / 2SD / 3DS (Clean only)
  • Neo Geo Pocket (Clean only)
  • Vintage handhelds (Clean only)
  • Tamagotchi (Clean only)
  • Pokemon editions (Clean only)
  • etc


Your handheld console has seen better days, and it’s no surprise given it’s in your grasp all day long. Who knows what your hands have been up to! :D

We meticulously clean it, reaching into every tiny nook and cranny, and finish off with a high-quality plastic conditioner that’s antistatic and dust-repellent.

Your once grimy handheld console will return to you gleaming.


If you’re anticipating a repair, please order the repair service instead. Purchasing this cleaning service does not include repairing the console in any way. Example, corroded battery terminals, bad screens, no sound. Yellowed plastics. These are all repair services.

Please ensure your console is functioning correctly. If you do order a repair, consider this cleaning service as an additional purchase to have your console thoroughly cleaned while it’s in for repair. Great idea!

What to post in?

For this job, we recommend sending in the following:

  • Console only, no batteries


How does the process work?

  1. Buy this cleaning job from us.
  2. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
  3. Post in your console at Australia post with tracking.
  4. We fully test your console to make sure we know if it works. If any faults are found, we contact you and offer a repair while it's here.
  5. We clean your console and make it shine.
  6. We fit a new plastic front screen cover / lens (on selected models listed above).
  7. We test your console again.
  8. We post your console back to you with the prepaid shipping costs from checkout.


Who pays for postage?

  • You organise postage and ship your console in.
  • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you. Often, this is free once you exceed $100 in your cart, so why not grab a game and get the free shipping?




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