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SEGA Mega Drive & Neo Geo AES

Give your SEGA Mega Drive a high quality digital HDMI output with this simple plug n play adapter. It's compatible with all modern TV's.



  • SEGA Mega Drive 1
  • SEGA Master System 1
  • SEGA Mega Drive 2
  • SEGA Genesis 1
  • SEGA Genesis 2
  • SNK Neo Geo AES / CD

 (adapters included for various consoles)


Give your old SEGA & Neo Geo a new lease of life and make it look better than ever running through your modern HD/4k TV. This HDMI upscaler adapter is a plug and play solution for easy 1080P HDMI output.


  • Use your old console on a modern TV
  • Hassle free! Plug and Play.
  • Works with the vast majority of HDMI-compatible enabled televisions and computer monitors.
  • The ability to take the old RGB signal from your console and upscale the lower 240P resolution analogue signal to digital 1080P HDMI so games look better on a modern TV.
  • This device is compatible with PAL PAL60 NTSC (Automatic detection)
  • Supports RGB from your console
  • Resolutions 240p, 288p, 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p --> 1080P output
  • Provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colours and resolution.
  • Video and audio in full digital HDMI-compatible format with zero transmission loss. Almost lag free. Games look and fee amazing.





Supported Video Output Mode:

HDMI Video/Audio 1080P


How to use


  1. Plug in the USB power cable to the adapter and the other end into a 5V USB charge adapter like an iPhone charger. This is critical as the HDMI adapter needs this extra power to operate. The USB power supply is not included, but nearly everyone has one laying around the hosue. If it's USB it will work.
  2. Plug in the HDMI cable into your TV
  3. Choose the correct adapter for your console and plug it in. You will notice a small arrow on the black plug to help you align the conection. Be gentle as the pins are delicate.
  4. Plug the adapter into your console and power on


There's simply two switches on the unit:

Switch 1 - Select between MegaDrive or Neo Geo.

Switch 2 - Select between 4:3 or 16:9 (We recommend using 4:3 and setting your TV to match as this is the original ratio your SEGA / Neo Geo came out with. However, if you want to fill the screen, you can use 16:9 which will stretch the image and fill the screen.



  • HDMI Adapter to plug directly into your console
  • HDMI cable
  • Adapters (SEGA Mega Drive 1, Mega Drive 2, Neo Geo AES)
  • Instruction manual printed on the box



  • Mega Drive 1 uses the U shaped DIN connector. This is actually the same socket as the Master Ssytem 1, so that console is also compatible.
  • SNK Neo Geo uses the C shaped DIN connector


- Always plug in the 5V power cable

- This adapter utilises RGB (Red Green Blue) video, not composite video, drawing a high-quality analog signal from a circuit in your console that might have been unused before, as composite video uses a different pin. So, if you observe unusual colors or an image that doesn’t seem correct, it’s probable that your console requires replacement of its aging capacitors, particularly the four 470uF capacitors on the Red, Green, Blue, and Sync output lines, which are crucial for this adapter’s operation. If your console needs servicing, we’re here to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a service for your console. 



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