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PicoPSU for SEGA Saturn & Dreamcast

The PicoPsu is a tiny replacement Power supply kit for the Saturn and Dreamcast.


- Reduces heat in your console when fitted with GDEmu & USB GD ROM kits.

- Easily convert a Japanese console to work anywhere in the world without the need for a step down transformer.

- It's also an easy fix for any console USA, Japanese, PAL needing a new PSU.


This power supply kit is a DIY solder in solution for both the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast Consoles.


Both the Saturn and Dreamcast have internal power supplies. They are suited to each region, so a Japanese Saturn requires 100V AC from the wall. To use the imported console in your country, a common solution is to use a step down converter...which is not ideal.


Our solution is to simply replace the stock power supply completely!


This kit has been designed by Global Garage as a direct replacement for the internal power supply in both the Saturn & Dreamcast.


It allows any Saturn or Dreamcast to run from local mains power in any part of the world.


The power supply kit accepts universal AC voltage anywhere from 100-240v then converts that power to the correct internal DC voltages required by each console.


We also provide a custom made 3D Printed rear mount to fill in the spot where the original power supply was located.

The part is supplied, but also sold separately here if you want to build your own kit.


Keep it cool! - This kit solves the problem of Dreamcast consoles running hot when fitted with GD-EMU or USB-GDROM kits.




SEGA Saturn all models

SEGA Dreamcast all models



 - Universal Power supply 100-240V input for worldwide use

(Output is 12V 3A DC)


- Internal 160W PICO ATX PSU for DC voltages

(This covers the 3.3V 5V and 12V needed)


- Pin Header for direct plug onto console pins

 (Perfect fit onto existing pins)

- Wire

(Used to solder onto the pin headers)

- 3D Printed rear panel for DC jack mounting

(Custom made plastic rear mounts to save you drilling into your console)

-7809 Voltage regulator in Saturn kit

(The Saturn uses 9V on some models)


Difficulty = Medium

Soldering reqired

Full-length installation videos are here for both Saturn and Dreamcast.



Select the exact model you need from the drop down menu.

We currently have Black, White and Grey parts printed in PLA+



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