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Nintendo SNES N64 GameCube

Composite Video AV Cable PAL

Specifically designed for PAL consoles to give the best picture quality on modern TVs. The problem with generic cables is they produce an over bright picture and a really washed out look in games. This is because NTSC consoles have a slightly different video output compared to PAL consoles.

Our fix is to manufacture composite AV cables with a resistor inside to perfectly set the brightness level.


Don't settle for cheap cables from other retro sellers. Come to us for quality!


You can easily compare the difference

 N64 Overbright picture Goldeneye cable

N64 pal cable brightness fix composite av cable goldeneye retrosales





GameCube PAL

We also have the correct cable for Japanese Super Famicom NTSC.


See the drop down menu to select your cable



If you also want the PAL cable with S-Video, check out the compatibility table below before making your purchase.
S-Video Compatibility:

Console Region Compatibility
Super Nintendo SNES PAL Yes
Super Famicom NTSC No
N64 PAL Yes (Most do, give it a try)
N64 NTSC Yes
Game Cube PAL No (Use RGB instead)
Game Cube NTSC Yes

*S-Video will not work with the SNES Mini
We do sell S-Video cables on their own as well, without composite video. See here

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