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Game Gear LCD IPS Display Upgrade

Supply install service

We use BennVenn LCD IPS kits as in our opinion they are better than McWIll.


    Choose the option you need.

    NOTE: You absolutley need new capacitors in the console for this mod to work, so you can select that service from the dropdown menu. If your console has already had a recap, then just order the LCD supply & install.
    We also strongly recommend adding a new Game Gear glass lens to your order to freshen up the whole look of your new screen.
    NOTE: Game Gears are notoriously unreliable, so there is a change we cannot repair yours. In this case we will only charge for the labour that’s already been done, but the LCD parts will be refunded.




    What to post in?

    For this job, we recommend sending in the following items as the fault can be with one of them.

    • Console
    • Games (It's common for your games to be dirty and be the underlying cause of the blank screen, so send one game which we'll clean properly and and use as the test cart)


    How does the process work?

    1. Buy the kit from the maker (Optional)
    2. Buy this repair service (return shipping is calculated at checkout).
    3. Print our address from the "Print Address" button on screen.
    4. Post in your console, the kit, accessories and a test game.
    5. We repair your console.
    6. We post your console back to you with the prepaid shipping costs from checkout.


    Who pays for postage?

    • You organise postage and ship your console in.
    • We calculate the return postage at checkout and this is how we get it back to you.


    Features from the maker:

    • High brightness IPS LCD. Superior viewing angle, contrast, clarity. Not TFT like other kits out there. 
    • The ONLY kit with no screen tearing on moving images
    • Low power - approximately 1/3rd of other competing kits. Longer battery life, less stress on electronic components. 11hrs35min runtime measured on 2200mah NiMh cells.
    • Variable brightness control via the brightness wheel
    • Scanlines, Scaling modes (Full screen, cropped & 1:1 modes), Can move the image up and down in cropped mode
    • No buzz/hum/whine injected into the console like other competing kits
    • Half the price as other competing kits
    • Frame locked to the original frame rate. No image tearing or lag
    • Built in protection prevents damage to our kit if your system is running at a higher than standard voltage.
    • Currently a 10 wire install - this may increase as more functionality is added to the design.




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