Service | Service Repair | Hi-Def NES HDMI Kit Installation Service Australia

$160.00 AUD 


Installation service for the Hi-Def NES HDMI kit from Game-Tech

Purchase the kits directly from Game-Tech's Store

NOTE: You must choose YES to Pre-assembled Interposers



    Installation Service:

    1. Make contact with us for advice and guidance (optional)
    2. Buy your HDMI Mod kit from Game Tech
    3. Specify our address so Game Tech posts the kit directly to us
    4. Buy this installation service to match your kit
    5. Post in your console to us
    6. We receive your console, the kit from Game tech and do the install
    7. We post your console back to you

    Retro Sales - PO Box 6137, Cromer, Victoria, Australia, 3193


      Our experienced technicians get to work

      1. Fully test your console (It must be in good working order)
      2. Fully disassemble and clean your console
      3. Precision cut a small case hole for the HDMI connector
      4. Optional: Install Cap kit
      5. Desolder the CPU and PPU
      6. Prepare the motherboard
      7. Install the HDMI kit
      8. Optional: Install LED kit
      9. Fully test the mod kit
      10. Return the console to you via Registered Post with insurance
      • NOTE - Your return postage costs are automatically calculated at checkout. We only use Registered Post within Australia with $300 insurance. This is to guarantee signed delivery back to you and to cover your expenses if the package gets lost in transit.

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