List of SEGA 32X Games with Save Batteries

List of SEGA 32X Games with Save Batteries


Which SEGA 32X games use a save game battery?

Only a few SEGA 32X games use a battery to store the save game data.

The list below contains all the SEGA 32X games that use a save battery in the cartridge:

All regions - Japanese 32X / USA 32X / PAL 32X

  • Chaotix
  • Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples
  • NFL Quarterback Club
  • Virtua Racing Deluxe
  • World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders


      Guide: SEGA 32X battery replacement


      Which type of batteries do SMD cartridges use? What is the SEGA 32X battery type?

      It's simply a CR2032 with solder tabs on the sides.


      SEGA 32X Game Cartridge Battery Replacement tools list




      How to replace the battery in SEGA 32X carts?

      • Open it up with a Gamebit 4.5mm screwdriver.
      • Desolder the original battery
      • Solder in the new CR2032 with tabs



      If you'd prefer us to replace the battery for you, just order our servcie here.

      SEGA 32X Battery Replacement service


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