List of SEGA Game Gear Games with Save Batteries

List of SEGA Game Gear Games with Save Batteries


Which SEGA Game Gear games use a save game battery?

Only a few SEGA Game Gear games use a battery to store the save game data.

The list below contains all the SEGA Game Gear games that use a save battery in the cartridge:

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  • Crystal Warriors
  • Defenders of Oasis
  • Eternal Legend
  • Godzilla Kaijuu Daishingeki
  • J.League GG Pro Striker :sqm:94
  • Kinetic Connection
  • Lunar: Sanpo-suru Gakuen
  • Madou Monogatari A: Doki Doki Vacation
  • Madou Monogatari I: 3tsu no Madoukyuu
  • Madou Monogatari II: Arle 16-Sai
  • Madou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama
  • Magical Puzzle Popils
  • Mahou Kishi Rayearth
  • Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2: Making of Magic Knight
  • Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible
  • Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special
  • Moldorian: Hikari to Yami no Sister
  • Nazo Puyo 2
  • Neko Dai Suki!
  • Nomo:sqm:s World Series Baseball
  • Pet Club Inu Dai Suki!
  • Phantasy Star Gaiden
  • Pro Yakyuu GG League
  • Pro Yakyuu GG League :sqm:94
  • Royal Stone: Hirakareshi Toki no Tobira
  • Shining Force Gaiden: Ensei Jashin no Kuni e
  • Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
  • Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya
  • Sylvan Tale
  • Taisen-gata Daisenryaku G



      Guide: SEGA Game Gear battery replacement


      Which type of batteries do SMD cartridges use? What is the SEGA Game Gear battery type?

      It's an unusual type of CR2032 with solder tabs on the sides, but they are on an angle. We can use a regular tabbed version of the battery and just connect the pads to the correct pins.


      SEGA Game Gear Game Cartridge Battery Replacement tools list




      How to replace the battery in SEGA Game Gear carts?

      • Open it up with a Gamebit 4.5mm screwdriver.
      • Desolder the original battery
      • Solder in the new CR2032 with tabs
      • Lay the battery upside down, join the positive tab to the top right hand pad on the baord and and for hte negative wire you will need to run a short peice of wire to the negative pad on the baord. See photo.


      Factory SEGA Game Gear Battery



      Repalce SEGA Game Gear Battery with CR2032 tabbed and some wire


      If you'd prefer us to replace the battery for you, just order our servcie here.

      SEGA Game Gear Battery Replacement service


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