List of Game Boy Colour games that use a save battery

Which Game Boy Colour games have save batteries?

The following is a list of Game Boy Colour games that use an internal save battery.

Do all Game Boy Colour games have batteries?

No not all, but we have produced a list of Game Boy Colour games that use an internal battery to save your game.


So let's start with the basics.....

Not all Game Boy Colour games use a battery, but the ones mentioned in the list below do, they use a specific CR1616 single battery with solder pins and sometimes a CR2025 battery. Not a regular coin battery. You will need to open your game and check.

List of Game Boy Colour games that use a save battery


Game Name Battery Type
3-D Ultra Pinball Thrillride ?
Adventures of the Smurfs CR1616
All-Star Tennis CR1616
Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare CR1616/2032
Arle no Boken Maho no Jewel ?
Armada FX Racers CR1616
Austin Powers Oh Behave! CR1616
Austin Powers Welcome to My Underground Lair! CR1616
Azure Dreams CR1616
Balloon Kid ?
Bionic Commando Elite Forces CR1616
Bomberman Max Champ Blue CR1616
Bomberman Max Champ Red CR1616
Bomberman Quest CR1616
Burger Paradise International CR1616
Caesars Palace 2 CR1616
Cannon Fodder CR1616
Card Heroes CR2025
Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 CR1616
Casper CR1616
Catz CR1616
Cave Noire ?
Colin Mcrae Rally CR1616
Columns GB ?
Conker's Pocket Tales CR1616
Crazy Bikes CR1616
Crystalis CR1616
David Beckham Soccer CR1616
David O'Leary Total Soccer 2000 CR1616
Déjà Vu 1 & 2 CR1616
Denki Blocks! CR1616
Disney's Alice in Wonderland ?
Disney's Beauty and the Beast A Board Game Adventure CR1616
Disney's Dinosaur CR1616
Disney's The Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy CR1616
Dogz CR1616
Donkey Kong Country CR1616
Donkey Kong Land 3 CR1616
Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors CR1616
Dragon Quest 1 + 2 CR1616
Dragon Tales Dragon Wings CR1616
Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 CR1616
Dragon Warrior 3 CR1616
Dragon Warrior Monsters CR1616
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's Journey CR1616
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Tara's Adventure CR1616
Duke Nukem CR1616
Dukes of Hazzard Racing for Home CR1616
E.T. Cosmic Garden CR1616
E.T. Digital Companion CR2025
E.T. Escape from Planet Earth CR1616
Emperor's New Groove CR1616
ESPN International Track & Field CR1616
ESPN National Hockey Night CR1616
F-1 Racing CR1616
F-1 World Grand Prix CR1616
F-1 World Grand Prix 2 CR1616
Formula One 2000 CR1616
Frogger 2 CR1616
Game & Watch Gallery 2 CR1616
Game & Watch Gallery 3 CR1616
Game Boy Wars ?
Game Boy Wars 2 ?
Golden Goal CR1616
Go! Go! Tank ?
Goraku O Tango! ?
Grand Theft Auto CR1616
Grandia CR1616
Hamtaro CR1616
Hamtaro (Jpn) CR2025
Harley Davidson Across America CR1616
Harry Potter CR1616
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ?
Harvest Moon 2 CR1616
Harvest Moon 3 CR1616
Harvest Moon GBC CR2025
Hary Potter and the Chamber of Secrets CR1616
Hercules CR1616
Heroes of Might and Magic CR1616
Heroes of Might and Magic 2 CR1616
Hexcite The Shapes of Victory CR1616
Hoyle Casino CR1616
International Superstar Soccer 2000 CR1616
International Superstar Soccer 99 CR1616
International Track and Field CR1616
Jim Henson's Muppets CR1616
Jim Romero's Daikatana ?
K.O. Pro Boxing CR1616
Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest CR1616
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble ?
Konami GB Collection Vol 2 ?
Konami GB Collection Vol 3 ?
Konami Winter Games CR1616
Legend of the River King CR1616
Legend of the River King 2 CR1616
Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX CR1616
Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages CR1616
Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons CR1616
Lego Alpha Team CR1616
Lego Island 2 CR1616
Lego Racers CR1616
Lego Stunt Racer CR1616
Lemmings CR1616
Lil Monster CR1616
Lode Runner CR1616
Looney Tunes Martian Revenge CR1616
Looney Tunes Marvin Strikes Back CR1616
Looney Tunes Racing CR1616
Lufia CR1616
Magi Nation CR1616
Magical Tetris Challenge CR1616
Marble Master ?
Mario Golf CR1616
Mario Tennis CR1616
Mary Kate and Ashley Pocket Planner CR2025
Megaman Xtreme CR1616
Megaman Xtreme 2 CR1616
Metal Gear Solid CR1616
Metal Walker CR1616
Mia Hamm Soccer Shootout CR1616
Mickey's Racing Adventure CR1616
Mickey's Speedway USA CR1616
Millenium Winter Sports CR1616
Miracle of the Zone 2 CR1616
Mission: Impossible CR1616
Monster Puncher CR1616
Monster Rancher Battle Card CR1616
Monster Rancher Explorer CR1616
Moorhuhn 2 CR1616
Moorhuhn 3 CR1616
Motocross Maniacs 2 CR1616
MTV Sports Skateboarding featuring Andy MacDonald ?
Nascar 2000 CR1616
Nascar Heat CR1616
NBA Courtside 3 on 3 w/ Kobe Bryant CR1616
NBA In the Zone CR1616
NBA In the Zone 2000 CR1616
NHL Blades of Steel CR1616
NHL Blades of Steel 2000 CR1616
N'Sync Get to the Show CR1616
Perfect Dark ?
Phantom Zona ?
Player Manager 2001 CR1616
Pocket Bomberman ?
Pocket Soccer CR1616
Pokemon 4 in 1 blue sparkle cart CR2032
Pokemon Crystal CR2025
Pokemon Gold CR2025
Pokemon Gold and Silver 2 in 1 cart CR2032
Pokemon Silver CR2032
Pokemon Pinball ?
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge CR1616
Pokemon Trading Card Game CR1616
Powerpuff Girls Bad Mojo Jojo CR1616
PowerPuff Girls Battle Him CR1616
PowerPuff Girls Paint the Townsville Green CR1616
Prince Naseem Boxing CR1616
Pro 99 Basketball CR1616
Pro Foot CR1616
Pro Pool CR1616
Punchi Carrot CR1616
Quest Brian's Journey CR1616
Quest for Camelot CR1616
Rayman 2 CR1616
Resident Evil Gaiden CR1616
Revelations The Demon Slayer CR1616
Robopon Sun Version ?
Robot Ponkottsu Star Version ?
Robot Wars Metal Mayhem CR1616
Ronaldo V-Soccer CR1616
R-Type DX CR1616
Shadowgate Classic CR1616
Shantae CR1616
Soccer Manager CR1616
Space Net Cosmo Blue CR1616f
Space Net Cosmo Red CR1616
Space Station Silicon Valley CR1616
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer ?
Super Gals 2 CR1616
Super Maro Bros. Deluxe CR1616
Supercross Freestyle ?
Survival Kids CR1616
Test Drive 2001 CR1616
Test Drive 6 CR1616
Test Drive Cycles CR1616
Test Drive Le Mans CR1616
Test Drive Off-Road 3 ?
Tetris DX CR1616
Three Lions CR1616
TNN Outdoors Fishing Champ CR1616
Toki Tori CR1616
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six CR1616
Tomb Raider CR1616
Tomb Raider Curse of the Sword CR1616
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 CR1616
Top Gear Pocket 2 CR1616
Towers Lord Baniff's Deceit CR1616
Track and Field International CR1616
Track and Field International Summer Games CR1616
Tweety's High Flying Adventure CR1616
UEFA 2000 CR1616
Wario Land 2 CR1616
Wario Land 3 CR1616
Warlocked CR1616
Warriors of Might and Magic CR1616
WCW Mayhem ?
Winnie the Pooh Adv 100 Acre Woods CR1616
Wizardry Empire CR1616
Wizardry Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord CR1616
Woody Woodpecker Racing CR1616
Xena Warrior Princess CR1616
Xtreme Sports CR1616
Xtreme Wheels CR1616
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories CR1616
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 2 CR1616
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters CR1616
Zidane Football Generation CR1616
Zoids CR1616
Zok Zok Heroes CR1616


What are the batteries for in Game Boy Colour cartridges?

The batteries inside a Game Boy Colour cart are to save the game onto a chip and hold the memory while the console is powered off.


What type of battery is in a Game Boy Colour cartridge?

CR1616 or CR2025 but specifically with solder tabs to connect to the board. The exact ones you need are available here. You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.


How long does an Game Boy Colour save game battery last?

Your Game Boy Colour cartridge battery life is approximately 15-20 years depending on the quality of the battery. 


Nintendo Game Boy Colour replacement battery

For the replacement battery you'll need a CR1616 battery with tabs for soldering. This is a direct replacement for the Game Boy Colour cartridge battery. You’ll also need a 3.8mm security screwdriver, commonly called a Game Bit screwdriver. You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.


How to Change Your Nintendo Game Boy Colour Cartridge Game Save Battery?

You may be wondering how to change your Nintendo Game Boy Colour cartridge battery, and if it’s difficult? Well, we can confidently say no it’s not too hard and can be done with just some basic tools and knowhow.


Nintendo Game Boy Colour Game Cartridge Battery Replacement tools list

  1. CR1616 or CR2025 tabbed battery with solder in pins
  2. Gamebit screwdriver 3.8mm
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Desolder pump or braid
  5. Solder leaded 60/40
  6. A steady hand and some time

  (You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.)


Open the Game Boy Colour cartridge

You'll need a 3.8mm Gamebit security screwdriver to open the cartridge. Use it to remove the two screws on the back and open the case. The case will slide open exposing the board. Just remove the board and you can have clear access to the battery.

  1. Open the Game Boy Colour game case using the GameBit driver
  2. Remove the old battery with a desolder pump or solder braid
  3. Prepare the pads with braid for a new battery
  4. Examine the board for the correct polarity of the new battery. Typically you'll see a small + and - sign on the board to indicate the correct way to install the battery. See the image below, the positive side of the battery which is the top connects to the top of the board next to the small + symbol. The underside of the battery is always negative.

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Reassemble everything

As always, assembly is the reverse of disassembly. You're ready to play!



If you prefer us to swap the battery for you, just order this service


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