List of Game Boy Games with Save Batteries

Which Game Boy games have save batteries?

The following is a list of Game Boy games that use an internal save battery.

Do all Game Boy games have batteries?

No not all, but we have produced a list of Game Boy games that use an internal battery to save your game.


So let's start with the basics.....

Not all Game Boy games use a battery, but the ones mentioned in the list below do, they use a specific CR1616 single battery with solder pins and sometimes a CR2025 battery. Not a regular coin battery. You will need to open your game and check.

List of Game Boy games that use a save battery


Game Name Battery Type
Aretha CR1616
Aretha 2 CR1616
Aretha 3 CR1616
Bomberman GB ?
Chessmaster ?
Donkey Kong CR1616
Donkey Kong Land CR1616
Donkey Kong Land 2 CR1616
Donkey Kong Land 3 CR1616
Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekitouden CR2025
Dragon Slayer CR1616
Dragon Slayer Gaiden Nemuri No Oukan ?
F-1 Race CR1616
Fastest Lap CR1616
Final Fantasy Adventure CR1616
Final Fantasy Legend CR1616
Final Fantasy Legend 2 CR1616
Final Fantasy Legend 3 CR1616
Game & Watch Gallery CR1616
Game & Watch Gallery 2 CR1616
Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Osucchi to Mesucchi CR1616
Game of Life CR1616
Golf CR1616
Great Greed CR1616
Harvest Moon GB CR1616
Infogenius Productivity Pak Personal Organizer and Phone Book CR1616
International Superstar Soccer ?
James Bond 007 CR1616
J League: Big Wave Soccer ?
J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers ?
Kaeru no tame ni Kane wa Naru ?
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball CR1616
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters CR1616
Kirby's Block Ball CR1616
Kirby's Dream Land 2 CR1616
Kirby's Pinball Land CR1616
Kirby's Star Stacker CR1616
Lazlo's Leap CR1616
Legend of the River King GB CR1616
Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening CR1616
Makai Toushi SaGa CR1616
Mario's Picross CR1616
Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible CR1616
Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible 2 CR1616
Metroid II: Return of Samus CR1616
Mole Mania CR1616
Monster Maker ?
Monster Maker 2: Uru no Hiken ?
Mystic Quest CR1616
Ninja Taro CR1616
Nobunaga's Ambition CR1616
Picross 2 ?
Pocket Bomberman ?
Pocket Monsters Aka ?
Pocket Monsters Midori ?
Pocket Monsters Pikachu ?
Pokémon Blue CR2025
Pokémon Green CR1616
Pokémon Red CR2025 (EU: CR1616)
Pokémon Yellow CR1616
Pokémon Yellow (Japan) CR2025
Power Quest ?
Puzzle Star Sweep ?
Rolan's Curse 2 CR1616
SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu CR1616
SaGa 3 Jikuu no Hasha CR1616
SD Gundam Gaiden Lacroan Heroes CR1616
Super Black Bass CR1616
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins CR1616
Super Robot Taisen ?
Sword of Hope II CR1616
Tamagotchi CR1616
Tamagotchi: Osutchi & Mesutchi CR1616
Tetris Plus CR1616
Top Rank Tennis CR1616
Torpedo Range CR1616
Ultima Runes of Virtue CR1616
Ultima Runes of Virtue II CR1616
Ultra Golf CR1616
Vegas Stakes CR1616
Wario Land 2 CR2025
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 CR1616
Wave Race CR1616
Wizardry Gaiden 2 Kodai Kotei no Noroi CR1616
Wizardry Gaiden the First Episode: Suffering of the Queen CR1616
World Cup USA 94 CR1616



What are the batteries for in Game Boy cartridges?

The batteries inside a Game Boy cart are to save the game onto a chip and hold the memory while the console is powered off.


What type of battery is in a Game Boy cartridge?

CR1616 or CR2025 but specifically with solder tabs to connect to the board. The exact ones you need are available here. You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.


How long does an Game Boy save game battery last?

Your Game Boy cartridge battery life is approximately 15-20 years depending on the quality of the battery. 


Nintendo Game Boy replacement battery

For the replacement battery you'll need a CR1616 battery with tabs for soldering. This is a direct replacement for the Game Boy cartridge battery. You’ll also need a 3.8mm security screwdriver, commonly called a Game Bit screwdriver. You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.


How to Change Your Nintendo Game Boy Cartridge Game Save Battery?

You may be wondering how to change your Nintendo Game Boy cartridge battery, and if it’s difficult? Well, we can confidently say no it’s not too hard and can be done with just some basic tools and knowhow.


Nintendo Game Boy Game Cartridge Battery Replacement tools list

  1. CR1616 or CR2025 tabbed battery with solder in pins
  2. Gamebit screwdriver 3.8mm
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Desolder pump or braid
  5. Solder leaded 60/40
  6. A steady hand and some time

  (You will need to open your game and check the battery model before ordering a replacement.)


Open the Game Boy cartridge

You'll need a 3.8mm Gamebit security screwdriver to open the cartridge. Use it to remove the two screws on the back and open the case. The case will slide open exposing the board. Just remove the board and you can have clear access to the battery.

  1. Open the Game Boy game case using the GameBit driver
  2. Remove the old battery with a desolder pump or solder braid
  3. Prepare the pads with braid for a new battery
  4. Examine the board for the correct polarity of the new battery. Typically you'll see a small + and - sign on the board to indicate the correct way to install the battery. See the image below, the positive side of the battery which is the top connects to the top of the board next to the small + symbol. The underside of the battery is always negative.



Reassemble everything

As always, assembly is the reverse of disassembly. You're ready to play!



If you prefer us to swap the battery for you, just order this service


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