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Happy Birthday, Nintendo! Oh… Too late, but alas, I don’t think it’s ever too early or late to give your N64, Super Famicom, Gamecube or even old mate SNES the gift of epic HDMI love. What do I mean? Well, relax and read on, as the possibility of retro gaming in high definition could actually become your reality… like yesterday. 

FYI. The Nintendo company was founded on September 23, 1889 in Kyoto, Japan

Have you heard of Isabelle? Her secretarial duties and mocha obsessions are not the only traits this Animal Crossing assistant carries. You’d never think she’d have anything to do with HDMI connectors, but alas, according to this blog I’m currently writing, she definitely does. 

Isabelle was chilling at home one afternoon, after an epically grueling session at work, when she decided to let off some steam by playing Super Smash Bros. on her modern 4k TV. About 5 minutes in to her gameplay, her cousin, The Paper Boy, comes frantically charging in with the local news bulletin which read ‘I See Dead Pixels’. Confused, yet incredibly curious, Isabelle took the paper and continued to read. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if you could plug in your favourite retro console to your modern TV, and play without the hesitation of whether you’d become a touch nauseous after playing?’ (‘100% Yes’). ‘Do you always think, “How is it that they can send people to the moon, yet they can’t make old gaming systems play clearly on my 4K screen?”’ (‘Let’s add another confident 100% to that previous one!’),  ‘Well, what if I were to tell you, that you can now play your Nintendo 64 game - BLUR FREE!’. Isabelle fell off her seat as she re-read that last line, ‘BLUR FREE’. ‘How? How is this possible?’. 

Well Isabelle, and stunning reader of mine, let me sum the article up for you…


There now exists a Nintendo Console to HDMI adaptor designed for the Super Famicom, SNES, N64 and Gamecube called the ‘HDMI Adaptor Line Double’. This simple plug and play adaptor is the central connector between your console and HDMI lead, with no extra power required. This adaptor delivers high-quality resolution images to your modern HD/ 4k TV with absolute ease. It’s small and therefore extremely portable, easy to use and easy to lose - that last part was just a joke. Cost-effective and region free, this converter also supports S-Video and composite video with advance signalling to ensure great precision, colours and resolution. 

There are now thousands of games that can now be viewed in a new light - I think I might buy 10 and give them out as gifts! 

Check it out here


At Retro Sales, we also have an advanced adaptor specifically for Gamecube! This device is like the Line Doubler’s good-looking relative who can just do everything - we simply call this the ‘HDMI Adaptor’. Now I know you’re eager to purchase it, but before you do so, please make sure your console has a ‘Digital Output’ on the rear. Ok, you may now read on… 

This adaptor allows for video and audio signalling in full digital format with ZERO transmission loss. It also provides advanced signal processing, comes with a remote control and has an option to add and remove scan lines for a more authentic aesthetic. It supports all of Gamecube’s display modes and has the ability to upscale (double) from lower resolution games. Not only that, but it’s all so simple and effective. 


I’m going to cut this story with Isabelle incredibly short because I’ve reached my word count. So - Isabelle basically bought a Nintendo HDMI Line Doubler from Retro Sales and loved it so much that she very quickly became a spokesperson for the product. She grew wings and somehow obtained magical powers and lived happily ever after - now whether it was the HDMI adaptor that made all that epically magical stuff happen, no-one will actually ever know, but it all just seems a little bit too coincidental, no? 

GameCube digital adapter here

So, all I can say is ‘Get On It’ and grab yourself an HDMI Adapter for your retro Nintendo consoles, and although you might not gain magical powers, your screen at least will. 

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