While the gaming community may seem divided on their opinion of the Nintendo 64’s performance, features and reputation, one thing is clear: It’s an iconic gaming console with its place firmly fixed in the industry.

A lot has already been written about the N64 through the years, but we’re willing to bet there’s still a bunch of stuff about it that you don’t know.

Curious? Below is a list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Nintendo 64.

1. The N64 was sold in convenience stores during its launch

One of the most hyped and anticipated gaming events in history was the launch of the Nintendo 64. Nintendo had to adjust to handle the high logistical demand and avoid the mayhem in department and tech stores. So they decided on the original strategy — some may even call it a gimmick — of also selling the N64 console at gas stations.

2. The N64 had its own online service

The Nintendo 64 had its own online service, with the 64DD peripheral accessible via the expensive internet service Randnet. In essence, it allowed players to buy games and compete online. Aside from that, players could browse the internet and test drive new games.

3. The N64 got its own arcade joystick

The Arcade Shark was the most well-liked arcade stick ever released for the Nintendo 64. It is the ideal gadget for competitive fighting games, with all buttons situated neatly next to one another and a huge joystick on the left.

4. There’s an N64 travel case

Nintendo created messenger bags for holding consoles and systems. This bag is an official Nintendo bag, not one made by a third party. It is the ideal Nintendo 64 travel accessory due to its custom size and inside compartments.

5. It’s possible to deactivate the N64 safely

Save and protect your progress from idle hands by using a black cartridge called the Jumper Pack. Just open the small cap above the N64 logo and take the Jumper Pack out to make the Nintendo 64 inoperable. Although this tiny cartridge appears to be nothing, it enables games to launch into the system when it is re-attached.

6. The N64 Power Glove is a miss

The Power Glove controller add-on enables a player to control their character. The character would move following the player’s hand movements; the glove’s motion function took the place of the analogue stick. Unfortunately, the 64 Power Gloves have identical control issues to their NES counterpart, despite the design being different from the famed NES Power Gloves. For instance, the button remapping made it exceedingly challenging to operate the controller. In addition, players should ideally keep their hands straight to prevent unintentional movement.

7. The console had its fair share of strange N64 games

Some strange N64 games include titles like Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, which features miniature green army men and tan toy troops that engage in actual combat.

Then there’s Superman 64, which is regarded as one of the worst video games in gaming history. Apart from how awful it is to control, it’s also one of the strangest games to feature the Man of Steel.

The game doesn’t even initially take place in Metropolis or space. Instead, Superman is controlled inside a virtual reality recreation of Metropolis that Lex Luthor created. You can perform incredibly difficult and mechanically clunky feats while there, such as repeatedly flying through rings. This is the first level, which establishes the tone for this strange and terrible adventure.

8. There’s a transparent version of the N64 and its controllers

The N64 controllers had a complete redesign in addition to being released in various colours (atomic blue, brilliant red, atomic purple, etc.). Plus, players could view the interior of the console and controllers. The N64’s sales were boosted by the popularity of the palette switch in the consoles.

9. The N64 had a fishing controller

The Nintendo 64 fishing controller, often known as the Tsuricon 64, is another inventive accessory. Nintendo has a long history of creating controllers modelled after elements found in video games.

10. The N64 featured surround sound

The Nintendo 64 console may appear to be outdated, but it was capable of producing Dolby Surround Sound. During their start-up routines, video games like Banjo Tooie, Perfect Dark, and Donkey Kong 64 featured surround sound capabilities.

So there you have it — some things about the N64 that are unfamiliar or totally unknown to many.

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