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Nintendo HDMI adapter

HDMI Line Doubler Adapter

SNES, SFC, N64, GameCube, Etc

Give your SNES, N64 or Game Cube HDMI output with this simple adapter.



Any Nintendo console with a multi out connector - SNES, N64, GameCube, etc.


Give your old N64/SNES/SFC/NGC a new lease of life and make it look better than ever running through your modern HD/4k TV. The Bitfunx HDMI-compatible upscaling adapter is a plug and play solution for easy HDMI output.


  • Use your old console on a modern TV
  • Hassle free! Plug and Play.
  • Works with the vast majority of HDMI-compatible enabled televisions and monitors.
  • No power adapter, no messy cords – Just one single HDMI-compatible Cable.
  • The ability to line double (upscale) lower resolution games so they look better on a modern 4K tv
  • This device is compatible with PAL60
  • Firmware upgrade, using the micro USB port.
  • Supports S-video & composite video with 240p,288p,480i,576i,480p,576p.
  • Provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colours and resolution.
  • Video and audio in full digital HDMI-compatible format with zero transmission loss.



Supports Video Input Mode:

Supports S-video & Composite with 240p,288p,480i,576i,480p,576p

Supported Video Output Mode:

HDMI Video/Audio.

How to use

Press the button on the unit to change modes.

The HDMI-compatible adapter LED has 4 different colours which represent the following modes:

Green: S-video 2x and smoothing ON
Red: S-video 2x and smoothing OFF
Blue: Composite 2x and smoothing ON
Yellow: Composite 2x and smoothing OFF


  • HDMI Adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable for firmware updates
  • Manual

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