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Console: Model 1 kit
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SEGA CD / Mega CD Service Kit

Fuse / Drive Belt / Save Battery / Socket


If your SEGA Mega CD isn't running right, simply give it new lease on life with a service. 
Replace the common worn parts.

  • Does the CD tray click, grind or get stuck? You'll need a new belt.
  • No power at all? You'll need to replace the fuse
  • No save games? You'll need to replace the old battery
Beyond this simple kit, if your consooe still isn't working correctly, you may want to consider replacing the capacitors as they will be very old and out of spec. Old capacitors cause a lot of problems with the Mega CD console and generally need to be replaced before it will be reliable again. We recommend having them professionally installed buy us here.

    Included in our kit:
    • Drive Belt
    • Save State Battery - Rechargable
    • Battery socket
    • Fast blow fuse 2.5A

    Compatibility: SEGA Mega CD Model 1 (All regions)
    NOTE: While you're there fixing your console, why not make it region free as well? We sell custom region free BIOS chips here (Mega CD Region Free BIOS)

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