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$20.00 AUD 


SEGA CD / Mega CD Service Kit

Fuse / Drive Belt / Save Battery / Socket


If your SEGA Mega CD isn't running right, simply give it new lease on life with a service. Replace the common worn parts.

  • Does the CD tray click, grind or get stuck? You'll need a new belt.
  • No power at all? You'll need to replace the fuse
  • No save games? You'll need to replace the old battery
  • Beyond this simple kit, you may want to consider replacing the capacitors which we recommend buying directly from

Included in our kit:
  • Drive Belt
  • Save State Battery - Rechargable
  • Battery socket
  • Fast blow fuse 2.5A

Compatibility: SEGA Mega CD Model 1 (All regions)
NOTE: While you're there fixing your console, why not make it region free as well? We sell custom region free BIOS chips here (Mega CD Region Free BIOS)

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