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$17.00 AUD 


SEGA CD / Mega CD Region Free BIOS EPROM

This is a replacement BIOS EPROM for the SEGA CD / Mega CD Console

It allows the console to boot games from any region.

Another use is to install a PAL or USA BIOS into a Japanese Console to change the menu language to English!

So, in other words you can convert a Japanese console to English. Simple hey!

Just try and match your MCD BIOS with your Console region. So if you have a PAL Megadrive modded to 60hz, then you're best off installing a USA BIOS in the Mega CD so it matches.

Supplied as an M27C1024 EPROM

Installation is simple.  Just remove your stock BIOS and replace it with this chip. Some Mega CD consoles come already socketed, so you can easily just lift out the old ROM and install this one. Some models do not have a socket and require you to desolder the original ROM and solder in a socket first. One socket is supplied with all orders.



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