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Mega CD 1 Console

This is a refirbished SEGA Mega CD console

Sega Mega-CD model 1 consoles are notoriously unreliable in their aging state and are in desperate need of some "retro refirbishment". We've done exactly that and spent countless hours on this console to bring it back to life, basically making it new gain. You can now simply plug and play and enjoy the CD based games from this amazing add on.



  • Fully serviced and ready to go
  • Replaced fuses
  • Replaced drive belt
  • Replaced all capacitors (called a "recap")
  • Replaced laser and calibrated
  • Lubricated and gresed the moving parts


  • USA Model 1 - This is a Japanese console converted to USA
  • PAL Model 1 - This is a PAL console


Optionally, you can buy a region free BIOS here

We can even install this for you for $50. Please make contact and ask if you have any questions. Contact Us


The Sega Mega-CD, (also known as the Sega CD in North America) is a hardware add-on developed by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).

It allows the Mega Drive console to run compact discs, be it proprietary Mega-CD software, audio CDs or CD+G discs. It also acts as an upgrade to the Mega Drive hardware, sporting an extra processor and extra RAM. The Mega-CD was first released in 1991 and was supported alongside regular Mega Drive cartridges.

The main benefit of CD technology was greater storage, which allowed for games to be nearly 320 times larger than Genesis cartridges. This benefit manifested as full motion video (FMV) games such as the controversial Night Trap, which became a focus of the 1993 legal hearings on issues of video game violence and ratings.


Trivia: The hardware in the Sega CD added the ability to scale and rotate images, which the Mega Drive was not able to do. The Mega-CD features enhancement effects such as scaling and rotation, similar to Sega's Super Scaler arcade hardware and that of the "Mode 7" effect employed by the Super NES. While Mode 7 only supports the scaling and rotation of tilemap backgrounds, the Sega CD supports the scaling and rotation of both the sprites and the tilemap backgrounds.


Sega CD Hardware Scaling and Rotation Examples.

Credit to author: Joeredother 


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