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Nintendo GameCube Console

NTSC Modified PicoBOOT

The Nintendo GameCube was released by Nintendo on September 14, 2001 in Japan, November 18, 2001 in North America, May 3, 2002 in Europe and May 17, 2002 in Australia. The GameCube sold 21.74 million units worldwide and has an amazing array of games to play.


Our consoles are refurbished and ready to play.



  • Console
  • Controller
  • Power cable for Australia 
  • AV Cable



  • The consoles marked NTSC are modified with extras!
  • Language set to English
  • SD2SP2 Adapter and 32GB SD card with homebrew.
  • SWISS toolset on SD card
  • You can also play genuine disc games in NTSC format like USA games.
  • You can boot PAL games, but you will need to set the video mode in Swiss before lanching to avoid any display issues. You can control everything within Swiss.

Read more about Swiss for GameCube here

We also sell NTSC consoles with the PICO BOOT chip installed. They come with the mod installed and a 32GB SD card. They simply boot files from SD card and do not require the disc like XenoGC does.


What is PicoBoot for GameCube?

Put simply, PicoBoot is a modchip for the Nintendo Gamecube which utilises a Raspberry Pi Pico board to run custom software. It allows you to boot the Gamecube in a special mode and launch homebrew applications, such as Swiss. It avoids the hassle of using a disc to boot the console, however you can still use the normal drive to load genuine games on disc. Once you've booted into Swiss, you can then make use of the SD2SP2 adapter and SD cards to hold your homebrew.


What is XenoGC for GameCube?

This is an older chip for the GameCube that allowed you to boot games from disc in any region. So you could simply boot the console from a burnt mini-dvd with Swiss on the disc or boot a Japanese game in a USA console etc. It's a great solution and we still offer it, but it's not as popular as PicoBoot due to it's requirement to use a disc. Ask us if you want one and we can advise.





1. Do the consoles have the rear Digital out port for upgrading to HDMI or other digital solutions?

Yes, all of our GameCube consoles do. We only sell the best gear and get rid of consoles that don't meet our standards. You can buy the HDMI upgrade here 


2. Do the consoles have the SP2 port underneath for SD card expansion?

Yes, all of the our GameCube consoles we sell have the SP2 port.

These NTSC consoles come shipped with this SP2 adapter and 32GB SD card.


3. Do the NTSC consoles have everything I need?

Yes they have.... Console, Controller, AU Power, AV Cable, XENOGC Chip or PicoBoot, English Menu, SD2SP2 adapter, 32GB SD card, Swiss toolset and some homebrew pre loaded on the SD card so you can use a GB Player if needed. You can then of course add your own games and files to the SD card in DOL or ISO format.


4. Optional extras


Looking for a PAL console instead?
We have them here


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