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When we heard from Robert ( that he was making the very first all-in-one Analogue to Digital HDMI cables for retro consoels, we had to write up this post.

The HDMI cables are powered by RetroTINK and plug directly into the console.

These are the first and only plug & play HDMI cables that actually work properly when used with 16 and 32-bit gaming consoles.


So far the range includes these consoles with more being added all the time.

  • PC Engine duo TurboGrafx-16 RAD2X cable
  • Sega Mega Drive 1 / Genesis 1 RAD2X cable
  • Sega Mega Drive 1 / Genesis 1 Stereo sound RAD2X cable
  • Sega Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2 RAD2X cable
  • Sega Saturn RAD2X cable
  • SNK NEO GEO AES / CD / CDZ RAD2X cable
  • Sony PlayStation RAD2X cable (works on all)
  • Super Nintendo / N64 / GameCube RAD2X cable (Aus Stock here)

 Visit the official UK store for the latest prices and updates

I am amazed that such an elegant and simple solution exists to experience classic consoles on a modern TV without sacrificing part of the gaming experience. It's the partnership between RetroTINK creator Mike Chi and Robert from Retro Gaming Cables we now have this stunning option.



Bob over at has done a sterling job reviewing these cables, so I would simply watch the video and order your cables.









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Grace Collins

Grace Collins

Can you confirm that these cables will work with the consoles designed for the Australia’s PAL System?


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