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Model:  RAD2X HDMI


RAD2x HDMI Cable

For the original Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo SNES & GameCube

A decent HDMI upgrade solution for your console!


The RAD2x is the perfect plug and play low latency solution for connecting your Super Nintendo (SNES), Super Famicom, GameCube and N64 to a modern flat screen television. This is based on the same technology used in the RetroTINK2x with the added bonus of supporting RGB video, and unlike other all-in-one HD cable solutions the RAD2X correctly interprets the the 240p signal correctly and processes this as a progressive scan image and then line doubles this to 480p.


Requires a Male HDMI to mini C HDMI cable (not supplied). Try this seller


  • 100% compatible with every Nintendo console which uses a MultiAV socket.
  • Auto detects RGB signal and defaults to composite video for non RGB consoles like the NTSC GameCube and N64. The LED illuminates purple for RGB mode and Yellow for composite video mode.
  • Formats: 240p/480i, 288i/576i, NTSC and PAL
  • Input: RGB internally converted to YPbPr
  • Built-in anti-aliasing LPF
  • Automatic sync regeneration and normalization for non-compliant sources (e.g., SNES)
  • Output: miniHDMI at 480p/576p (line-doubled mode)
  • Default 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Latency: About 53 microseconds
  • Audio: 24-bit stereo
  • Optional smoothing filter with mechanical ON/OFF switch
  • No need for external power supply. Optional external microUSB port for power incase of issues with ageing power supplies or incorrectly rated after market power supplies.
  • Fully shielded PACKAPUNCH cable from the console to the RAD2X

Compatible with following consoles:

Every Nintendo console ever released which has the MultiAV socket, for example;

  • Super Nintendo (PAL) - RGB Mode
  • Super Nintendo (NTSC) - RGB Mode
  • Super Famicom - RGB Mode
  • GameCube (PAL) - RGB Mode
  • GameCube (NTSC) - Composite Video Mode
  • AV Famicom - Composite Video Mode or RGB if modified 
  • N64 - Composite video Mode or RGB if modified (For best results use an RGB modified N64 console).

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