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Sega Saturn

Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.545

(Latest version 2024)

Read latest updates for v6.545

Further details in the official readme & website

This is a boot cart for the Sega Saturn

It's running custom software called - Pseudo Saturn Kai

The main purpose is to boot any game with region free mode AND play Backup games in your unmodified Saturn from burnt CD-R discs. Our advanced carts can also provide the 1MB and 4MB expansion RAM that some games require.



This allows you to:

  1. Region free function, so you can boot any game from any region.
  2. Play backup games on CD-R in your unmodified Saturn console*
  3. Image selection menu for Rhea/Phoebe, Fenrir and Satiator ODEs.
  4. Game Cheats
  5. In-game system reset with A+B+C+Start key combination.
  6. Save Data Manager 8MB, similar to the one provided by Saturn's BIOS.
  7. Expanded 1MB / 4MB RAM functions on the advanced cart**

     * Booting copied CD-R discs does work, but you need to ensure your laser is powerful enough to read them. Our advice is to test it out with a copied audio disc first and see if your console reads it.

    **There are two models of this cart available. Only the advanced cart has the RAM feature.


    Usage Instructions:

    1. Make sure your Pseudo Saturn is inserted while the Saturn is off
    2. Insert any version of your favorite Saturn game
    3. Turn Saturn ON and go through boot process, then a new menu should show.
    4. Button A will start the game with Automatic settings
    5. Button B will open the Menu
    6. Button X will open the Cheats Menu
    7. The game will be detected and start to boot up as normal. Retail discs also boot fine.



      1. Automatic game detection and loader
      2. Huge cheats selection menu
      3. ODE Rhea / Phoebe / Fenrir support - disc images menu integration that’s better than their official menus
      4. Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager for sharing homebrew D2 shoot ’em ups (over 200 are available)
      5. Save game management
      6. Two new animated boot sequences, one for PSK & another for Rhea/Phoebe
      7. In-game connectivity for USB dev cart
      8. Virtual Memory Cartridge support via USB dev cart
      9. Fixed support for 3D pad
      10. Expanded 1/4MB RAM functions on the advanced cart


      What's new: 

      Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.545



      Cheat Codes

      1. The game cheats are available at the main menu

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      Recommendations: (not essential but highly recommended)

      • Use a Japanese or USA Saturn Console
      • Modify your PAL Sega Saturn to play at 60hz (PAL consoles run at 50hz by default)
      • Upgraded video quality from your Saturn - RAD2X HDMI cable or RGB SCART Cable here


           FAQ on the developers page


          Game Compatibility


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