Sega Saturn Pseudo Saturn Bootloader Cart Action Replay


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Console region:  All


Sega Saturn Pseudo Saturn Bootloader Cart Action Replay


This is a modified Action Replay 4M Plus cart for the Sega Saturn

It's modified to run Pseudo Saturn Bootloader

The main purpose is to play Backup games in your unmodified Saturn from CD-R



This allows you to:

  1. Play backup games on CD-R in your standard and unmodified Saturn console.
  2. Region free function, so you can boot any game from any region. Japanese games on a PAL Saturn for example work very well!


    Usage Instructions:

    1. Make sure your Action Replay is inserted while the Saturn is off
    2. Insert your backup CD-R version of your favourite Saturn game
    3. Turn Saturn ON and go through boot process. License screen should pop up and then a new menu should show.
    4. Select the version to boot and press 'A' button
    5. The game will be detected and start to boot up as normal. Retail discs also boot fine.


    Two versions of the Pseudo Saturn software are installed on the cart!
    Some games work better with v0.832 and others with the older v0.831 so just select when the cart loads and see which one works best with your game.


      Recommendations: (not essential but highly recommended)

        • Modify your Sega Saturn to play at 60hz (PAL consoles run at 50hz by default)
        • Use an RGB SCART Cable here
        • Some games require 1MB or 4MB of expansion RAM to load extra graphics. This feature does work, but it's definitely not perfect. The main purpose of the Pseudo Satun tool is to play backup games on your unmodified Saturn console. If you really want the auto RAM feature to be spot on, then you'll need a genuine SEGA RAM cart and genuine games to have 100% reliability with games that require the expansion RAM. The genuine 1MB cart is model HSS-0150, the 4MB cart is model HSS-0167.


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