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RGB SCART to 1080p HDMI Upscaler

Play your retro consoles on a modern HD TV. 
Sega, SNES, N64 I hear you say!
.... now you can, in 1080P Full screen

This RGB SCART upscaler takes the old fashioned analog signal from your retro console and upscales it to a modern digital output.



In plain English, you can plug in ANY games console, Foxtel, DVD, Satalite TV, etc

and it will enhance the picture and allow you to use HDMI on your TV

Features / Functions:
SCART input format:
AV RCA / Composite / S-VIDEO / RGB
HDMI input format: (Generally you will input AV or RGB via SCART, but this can also accept HDMI input)
HDMI Output:
800X600,1024X768,1280X1024,1360X768, 1680X1050,1920X1080 720P, 1080P etc.
3.5mm audio interface:
Connect the audio to your stereo or headphones.

Digital coaxial output:
Connect with digital audio amplifier.
Scales SCART signal (RGB or Composite Video) to HDMI
SCART audio is integrated into HDMI out as well as pass-through to 3.5mm audio jack.

Automatically detect RGB (50/60Hz), Composite Video and NTSC / PAL 
Auto-store - When you turn it back on it remembers your settings!
You can also use an RCA to SCART adapter to plug in N64 AV and have it upscale!
Package Includes:
1 X Scart to HDMI CONVERTER (Upscaler)
1 x Australian Power adapter with AU Plug
(We supply genuine AU power adapters, not cheap rubbish that needs a pin adapter)
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Box for secure postage
Purchase a decent quality RGB SCART cable to suit your console and you're good to go! We recommend Robert from Retro Gaming Cables. He's got super fast worldwide shipping and is regarded in the industry to make the best cables available. Click here to visit his website in a new tab
See other items or ask for specifics if not listed.
Q1. I can see LAG between when I press the controller button to what appears on the TV?
A1. It's your TV trying to over-process the raw signal coming from the console. Modern TVs have an array of video quality circuits to give us all pretty images... but this processing takes time, a few milliseconds. This is the delay you're seeing. It's a simple fix by setting your TV to "Game Mode" for the input you're using which tells the TV to bypass all of the extra image quality circuits and just get on with the job of displaying the pure old school graphics.

Samsung TV settings are here.
K Series TVs

Press the Menu button. Go to System > General.

Toggle the Game Mode option ON


LG, Sharp, Panasonic

Other TVs



Q2. Can I use AV / Composite Video input instead of SCART?
A2. Yes, but you will need a simple Composite to SCART adapter.
Q3. Can I use HDMI input?
A3. Yes. A common use is to upscale an old Foxtel signal from 720P up to 1080P
Q4. Does my console output RGB?
A4. http://retrorgb.com/systems.html
Q5. If I modify my console for 60Hz will this work?
A5. Absolutely! ...and I highly recommend it!
A basic 60Hz mod on your console is the best mod you can do as you will get the use of the full screen, faster gameplay and smoother gaming. 
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