Accessory | Power Supply | PC Engine TurboGrafx 16 | Power Supply Adapter Pack HES-ACA-01 PAD-105

Global Garage

$14.40 AUD 


PC Engine TurboGrafx16 CoreGrafx Power Supply Adapter Pack AUS Plug

The PC Engine, TurboGrafx16 and CoreGrafx Consoles were never sold in Australia. Don't be tempted to use the foreign power supply and "step down transformers" to convert our 240V AC down to the 110V spec...That's such a rookie solution and a bit dangerous!  It also wastes a LOT of power.


The Global Garage solution is to use a safe and certified Australian spec 240V AC adapter which outputs the correct voltage for the console. It's the DC voltage going into the console that matters, not what comes out of the wall.




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