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AV Mod cable kit

Stereo RCA Cable & 4pin Socket Chassis Panel Mount

TRRS 4 pole 3.5mm socket & Cable

These are the basic parts you'll need to mod your console with AV out

A common upgrade is to give the Atari 2600 or Famicom consoles Composite Video out by doing an "AV Mod"


- Cable is 1.4m long TRRS to rca lead

- Socket is a TRRS 4 pole 3.5mm socket


These old consoles generally only have RF video out and you may want to upgrade them to AV. With this cable and socket kit you can simply remove the old RF connector and install this in its place. Just wire up the 4pin socket for Video, Ground, Left and Right audio and you'll have a clean and tidy AV modded console

The AV mod parts themselves vary per console, so pick them up yourself at your local electronics shop. This cable kit gives you a tidy way to plug it all in.

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