Parts | Service Repair | 8 Colored Wrapping Wire 30AWG 200Meters

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Multi coloured fine wire for modding consoles

Also known as "Wrapping Wire" it's perfect for electronics and especially modding retro consoles.

Features: flexible and insulation wrap wire, tin-plated copper breadboard jumper cable for test jig, jtag or any electronic test use.
Plastic spool is provided with the 8 colours wrapped around
Widely use for retro gaming mod work, but also laptop, motherboard, LCD display, breadboard, electronic test and other PCB soldering fly line.
Color 8 x Multicolor
Wire Size : 0.5 x 0.25mm (30AWG)
Cable Length(Approx.) : 200Meter / 656Ft of all wires combined
Yes you can buy this elsewhere, but the goal we're aiming for is to supply items in one place that aid the retro gaming community. Combined shipping on all orders.

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