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Wii Console: Wii Console Set Black (with GC ports)
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Nintendo Wii Console PAL

Tested and working

Console Sets Include:

Original Black Nintendo Wii Console (PAL)

Wii Remote


Power Cable

AV Cable

Sensor Bar

 (NOTE: We also sell the Wii console body separately. This does not come with the accessories. Please ensure you select the specific pack you want - with a console pack or console body on its own)


We currently have a fully functioning Nintendo Wii Console for sale at our Retro Sales Store!
A wonderful interactive console that allows for both great physical engagement (if you're wanting to stay active) or even a relaxed gaming experience if wanting to stay on chilled end. These options are something that not all modern gaming systems have. 
Games for the Wii are also on the cheaper end these days which makes the purchase of this console that little more enticing. 

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