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Three Lions

Sony PlayStation PS1

ALEXI LALAS INTERNATIONAL SOCCER focuses on gameplay. Players can manage the tactics and strategies of their team with ease--you make all the important decisions. If the need arises, players can also create their own formations to exploit the weaknesses of the other team. All of the subtleties of soccer are here including 250 motion-captured animations. Along with excellent gameplay, there are tons of game options available: pick one of 70 real-world teams and play in a tournament to claim domination, or play a friendly match to get a quick soccer fix; play in a day game or night game; play with Alexi or against him. ALEXI LALAS INTERNATIONAL SOCCER will help you see why soccer is the most popular sport in the world. ALL-STAR GAMEPLAY Over 70 international teams Multiple camera angles Over 250 motion captured movements

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Release Date 15 April 1998
Product Type Video Game
Genre Soccer


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