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Spyro 2 Gateway To Glimmer [Platinum]

Sony PlayStation PS1

The Land of Avalar has fallen under the control of the bullying Wizard, Ripto, and his henchmen Cruch and Gulp. The people of Avalar call for help from the Dragon Lands - and who do you think turns up? Join Spyro and his best buddy Sparx as they help their new friends overturn this evil regime. - Collect gems, earn magic points and discover a huge fantasy World full of strange lands and colourful characters. - Scorch, glide, charge and fly your way through 29 exciting levels. - Learn to use Spyro's new moves - climb ladders, swim underwater and stomp enemies into the ground. - Collect Magic Points to activate additional power-ups. Meet over 100 new characters with their own speech, animations and personalities.

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Release Date 5 November 1999
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Platform


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