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Rapid Reload

Sony PlayStation PS1

Load up: High-velocity, Selft-Targeting, Incinerator or Riot Control - it's the last word in close-combat shoot'em ups. The player chooses to play as either Axel or Ruka, and with the chosen character, the player will fight his/her way through six levels, each one harder than the previous. With the exception of levels 3 and 5, each level contains two subbosses (Area Boss) and a final boss (Guardian). In level 3, there is one Area Boss and a Guardian, and in level 5, just a Guardian. The game has often been criticized by fans for the near-impossibility of completing as Ruka, due to her weapons' disadvantages which make it impossible for Ruka to defend herself especially in levels 3 and 4.

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Release Date January 1, 1995
Product Type  Video Game
Genre  Action & Adventure


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