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Megaman X5

Sony PlayStation PS1

The Reploid Wars of 21XX are mercifully over, but that doesn't mean all is safe with Earth and its orbiting colonies. Eurasia, the largest colony, has been taken over by mysterious terrorists, and its gravity device has been altered. Now, Eurasia is on a direct collision course with Earth, and could destroy the planet and all life (and robots) upon it. The only hope for Earth is the massive laser cannon "Enigma," but the necessary parts for Enigma are scattered around the globe, currently connected to a host of evil reploids that must be destroyed before the parts can be acquired. Enter Mega Man X and his pal Zero, the only two brave and fierce enough to undertake this mission. The fate of the world is once again counting on them! Mega Man X5 is the fifth title in the Mega Man line of post-Dr. Wily games for the little blue hero, with the first three having appeared on the 16-bit Super NES platform. Mega Man X5 is the second X game to appear on the PlayStation, and its play mechanics are similar to previous incarnations in the series. Players will have the opportunity to play as either Mega Man X or Zero, with the ability to switch between levels. Mega Man X features his trusty plasma-lobbing, arm-mounted cannon, while Zero slashes with a powerful laser sword. Anyone familiar with the history of Mega Man will understand the basics of play: you will choose from eight stages after playing an initial mini-stage to start things off. Each of the eight stages features a different animal-based robotic boss, whose defeat will earn you a special weapon based on that enemy's attack, as well as other special attacks and equipment. It also beefs up the Enigma laser, which can be fired at any time between stages. If the Enigma doesn't destroy Eurasia, then a last ditch effort will be made to re-route it by a direct assault on a space shuttle... which also needs spare parts that require Mega Man and Zero to destroy animal robots. Once you pass this initial portion, there's still more to do, of course, as what would a Mega Man game be without final levels and bosses? Since Eurasia is hurling quickly toward Earth, this game does actually have a time requirement, although there are infinite continues. If you don't manage to stop Eurasia within a certain amount of time, depending on the difficulty level, then your game, and the world, will be destroyed. So hurry up, Mega Man players. You don't have much time!

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Release Date 3 August 2001
Product Type  Video Game
Genre  Action & Adventure
Region PAL (or otherwise stated)

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