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Mega Man X3

Sony PlayStation PS1

Video-gaming's favourite robotic super-hero is back in the third instalment of Capcom's exhilarating action series. Together with Zero - his high-powered accomplice Mega Man X3 features dozens of new gameplay options, weapons and course enemies. There are eight stages (plus a secret hidden level) where your unrivalled powers will be needed. The story of Mega Man X3 revolves around a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler. In the year 21XX, the threat of the Mavericks had been neutralized thanks to Doppler's technology, which prevented the Mavericks from going berserk. The reformed Reploids had formed a utopia near their new mentor called Doppler Town. It seemed that all was well, until the former Maverick Reploids suddenly reverted and once again began causing trouble. Dr. Doppler was held accountable, and X and Zero were sent out to contain the new threat. They were soon after called back to Maverick Hunter HQ, which was under attack by Doppler's forces.

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Release Date 15 July 1997
Product Type  Video Game
Genre  Action / Platformer / Shooter


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