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Medal Of Honor & Medal Of Honor Underground

Sony PlayStation PS1

ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. ULTIMATE VICTORY. GERMANS invaded your country. Your leaders surrendered, and some are now surrendered, and some are now collaborating with the enemy. Join the UNDERGROUND and battle the Reich from Paris to North Africa. The fight against tyranny is in your hands. FEATURES * IN-DEPTH MISSIONS Undertake 7 missions, 24 levels in Europe and North Africa * MORE FIREPOWER 12 authentic weapons, including the devastating Panzerfaust * TEAM UP Fellow agents fight with you, drive you to safety, and crack safes * MORE VICIOUS ENEMIES Germans fight with tanks, half-tracks, and motorcycles * NEW DISGUISE MODE * HEAD-TO-HEAD MULTIPLAYER COMBAT

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Release Date 1 December 2000
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / First Person Shooter


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