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KKND Krossfire

Sony PlayStation PS1

Nuclear war was the good news 2179 the earth was blasted flat. Trigger-happy humans, crazy-faced mutants and human-hating robots have been fighting over the ashes. Now it's your tur. KKND Krossfire is a fast playing war strategy game that will set your playstation on fire. The control method has been custom designed for the playstation, allowing you to order units to the front line, ready for action or to their death. - 3 Selectable Sides: Survivors, Evolved and the Series 9 Robots, each with stacks of air, land and amphibious units. - 2 Player split screen mode allows you to engage in a competative or cooperative three way battle with Krossfire's cunning cumputer opponent. - Analog controller (Dual Shock) compatible giving you quicker and more precise control over your units. - 45 single player and 10 multi-player missions with plentiful resources tuned to deliver fast-packed action.

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Release Date 10 April 1999
Product Type Video Game
Genre Strategy


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