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G-Police [Platinum]

Sony PlayStation PS1

G-Police is a fast-paced, exciting 3D shoot 'em up, based in highly-populated 3D futuristic city landscapes. Colonies live in spectacular cities contained within huge geodesic domes. Earth‚¬„¢s resources are completely depleted, and the race is on to claim every ore-bearing rock in the solar system. War breaks out as opposing nations compete for ever-declining resources and expand their military capabilities in space. While multi-national corporations unite to exploit space, Earth‚¬„¢s coalition government creates a multi-national force to keep order in the colonies. The G-Police are born. Jeff Slater joins the G-Police to investigate the mysterious death of his sister, also a G-Police recruit. Stretched over 35 missions, G-Police provides you with a unique opportunity to patrol the streets of a virtual city in a heavily-armed close air-support gunship. You patrol a densely populated cityscape complete with roads, transport vehicles, bridges, skyscrapers with AI controlled traffic and gun placement. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES: ‚¬¢ Fast and furious gameplay ‚¬¢ Stunning in-game 3D graphics ‚¬¢ Unique and extensive gunship weaponry and spectacular SFX ‚¬¢ 35 missions in a variety of five geodesic domes ‚¬¢ Real-time 3D virtual cityscapes ‚¬¢ Incredible city lighting effects ‚¬¢ Cinematic computer-generated FMV sequences ‚¬¢ Movie-like narration with absorbing atmosphere ‚¬¢ Intriguing storyline with unexpected plot twists ‚¬¢ Progressive difficulty levels and training levels ‚¬¢ Highly-maneuverable flight model

Packaged Weight 0.24 KG
Release Date 15 October 1997
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Shooter
Region PAL (or otherwise stated)

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