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Bugs Bunny Lost In Time

Sony PlayStation PS1

WHAT'S UP DOC? Join Bugs Bunny in his first ever 3-D video game adventure as he accidentally activates a time machine and is propelled through time! * Encounter 12 of his most famous Looney Tunes adversaries including: Elmer Fudd, Witch Hazel, Yosemite Sam, Rocky & Mugsy, and Marvin The Martian! * Dive into rabbit holes, tunnel underground, outwit Elmer Fudd, take to the road in a vintage convertible and even use your ears like a helicopter! * Explore 5 exciting time periods: Stone Age, Medieval Times, Pirate Years, The 1930s, and Dimension X! * Enjoy 21 levels of action packed fun and classic comic humor! * Hilarious animated cut-scenes! * A hare-raising car chase!

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Release Date 15 June 1999
Product Type Video Game
Genre Platformer


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