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Agile Warrior F-111X

Sony PlayStation PS1

Strap into the most advanced multi-role fighter craft around and blast off into a world of sky-ripping, ground-shaking, adrenaline-pumping battles. Eliminate anything and everything that poses a threat to our national security. No rules. No prisoners. Just you-against-them arcade combat action where only one can win. FEATURES: * Take 'em out in explosive real-time, unlimited access, 3-D textured battle environments * Fight in highly unpredictable missions in some of the world's most volatile hot spots featuring hundreds of surgical strikes, stealth missions and nuclear standoff with a multitude of state-of-art weapons * Use stealth technology, precision-guided munitions and tactical radar to destroy enemies on land, at sea and in the air * Simultaneous 2-player capability

Packaged Weight 0.24 KG
Release Date 10 March 1996
Product Type Video Game
Genre Action / Shooter
Region PAL (or otherwise stated)

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