Game | SEGA SG1000 Champion Boxing G-1033


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SEGA SG-1000 Game

Champion Boxing G-1033


Translated description:

Excitement gradually builds up as you fight in each of the 90 second rounds in this 8 round bout. Your opponent is a tough young blonde fighter. Throw STRAIGHT, JAB and UPPERcut punches directly to the opponent's face or his body. Keep up the flurry of fast and furious blows by taking advantage of your superior footwork!! Warm up in LEVEL 1 and then upgrade your skills by consecutively clearing the higher LEVELS. If in LEVEL 5 you win by a 10 count KO you'll become the world champion.

These SG-1000 games play on the SC-3000, SG-1000 and Mark III consoles as well as the Japanese Sega Master System

Format: NTSC-J

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