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Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Nintendo Gameboy

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Starfleet Command has placed the fate of the galaxy in your hands, Captain! Now is the time "to boldly go where no man has gone before." A giant Doomsday Machine is careening through space, obliterating whole worlds in its path! To make matters worse, the Disrupter, a device that was designed to stop the planet killer, has been stolen by the Klingons, dismantled and scattered over an unexplored stretch of planets in the Final Frontier. Your mission is to pick up the pieces and see that the Doomsday Machine is scrapped. Or all that matters will be anti-matter. As Captain Kirk, navigate the U.S.S. Enterprise to strange new worlds and uncharted regions, just like the stellar TV series. Strategically use the ship's shields, phasers and speed to maneuver through asteroid storms, Tholian Webs, Klingon Warship attacks and Romulan cloaking vessels. Your starship's survival hinges on every move. Once you enter the orbit of an unknown planet, beam down and prepare for bizarre encounters. Use the communicator and tricorder to help locate the crucial pieces of the Disruptor. But be prepared to set your phaser to stun or full effect. Hostile life forms won't be happy about your visit. The Doomsday Machine is approaching warp speed so there's no time to lose. Make haste, or the entire galaxy will be gone faster than you can say "beam me up Scotty!"

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Release Date February 1992
Product Type Video Game
Genre Adventure » General
Region PAL (or otherwise stated)

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