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Mace Dark Age

For Nintendo 64

Mace:The Dark Age is a 3D tournament fighting game with a Far East-Medieval time theme. Twelve warriors have come to battle to challenge the sorcerer Asmodeus for the powerful Mace of Tanus. What makes this mace so attractive is that it is a magical weapon that grants its wielder immortality and unlimited power.

Contains: Cartridge only

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Packaged Weight 0.10 KG
Release Date 1997
Product Type Video Game
Genre Fighting
Region PAL (or otherwise stated)


 Condition (Carts only)

  • Cart label in excellent condition
  • Minor imperfections
  • Minimal stickers and/or residue
Very Good
  • Cart label in very good condition
  • Some imperfections
  • Some stickers and/or pen marks
  • Cart label in average condition
  • Label may have visible tears, rips, marks
  • Stickers / Residue / Plastic yellowing or fading



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Boxed assessment
  • Box - Overall very good with usual corner marks
  • Manual - Creases and folds
  • Cart - Excellent label - PAL AUS
  • Photos - Link


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