Controller | SNK Neo Geo | AES CD Arcade Joystick Control Pad


$130.00 AUD 


SNK Neo Geo

Controllers, Joysticks, Control Pads



We have a few models to choose from



AES Arcade Joystick

(The traditional one)


CD Joystick "Kidney Bean"

(In Black, or Grey)


HORI Fighting Stick

(Special edition from HORI)

(This one is a little rough, with scratches as seen in the photo although it functions well)


Neo Geo CD Control PAD

(The small pad shipped with the CD consoles)



The SNK Neo Geo AES Arcade joystick needs no introduction. It's a beast! ...and was the included controller in the box with the mighty AES console. Very well made and a pleasure to use, these arcade sticks are becoming a little harder to find in working condition.

Also works with the Neo Geo CD console

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