Controller | SEGA Mega Drive Genesis | Genuine Control Pad 3 6 Button

Model: MegaDrive 3 Button
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SEGA Mega Drive Controller Genuine


Condition: Cleaned / Tested / Minor marks

Models: There's a few models on SEGA Mega Drive controllers, but mostly just the 3 and 6 buttons variants.

There's also aftermarket controllers with rapid fire and other functions which are excellent. If you see them for sale here, they get our tick.


NOTE: Genesis controllers are just the North American version and are only cosmetically different. All controllers work on any region console, Mega drive,Genesis and Japanese consoles.


See drop down for variants

The Start button colour (Red, White, Blue) will vary depending on stock. We will ship what we have on hand.


Clone controllers are also an option. We have sourced very high quality ones that play well.



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