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XBOX ONE 500GB Console 

Original Black Console

(Model No. 1540)

Well, well, well... you've come to this point right? You're pondering whether a new console is for you? My unbiased opinion is... yes... yes a new console is a necessity! 

... unbiased of course...

XBOX ONE is the third video game console Microsoft released, succeeding the XBOX 360. Marked as the 'all-in-one entertainment system', play discs or take your gaming online as you buy game downloads, watch videos, share your recorded gameplay videos, use Skype to talk to friends and family, keep track of your friends, personal achievements, and game progress.. all-in-one!

The quality of video is fantastic, why not grab yourself one today?!


Package Includes:

Original 500GB XBOX ONE Console 


Power cable

(HDMI cable NOT included)


(Please note - All consoles are second hand and therefore have some age related wear - we only select the best for sale - Please refer to images for detail. All are cleaned and fully tested).

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