Console | SNK Neo Geo CD Pack


$400.00 AUD 
Model:  #1 English


SNK Neo Geo CD Console

SNK Neo Geo CD was the home console based on the arcade. Near perfect arcade quality games with CD audio right there in your lounge!

With a huge array of amazing games, Fighters, Shooters, Shmups, Sports and Platformers, the NEO GEO CD has always been the top console to have.



Each console listed has been cleaned, serviced and tested.


Package includes:

  • Neo Geo CD Console

  • Power supply - Japanese original

  • Genuine Controller

  • Composite video AV Cable

  • BONUS - Some backup software will be included 



The cases have some small scuffs and light scratches from 25 years of use, but overall they are in great shape. We try our best to source the cleanest consoles and recondition them for our customers. See exact console and photos for specific condition.


Console 1

Japanese console converted to English

Power - Will use the original Japanese power supply, so a stepdown transformer will be required to play in Australia. 



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