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SNK Neo Geo AES Console

During the 1990's the SNK Neo Geo AES was the home console to have! Near perfect arcade quality games right there in your lounge!

With a huge array of amazing games, Fighters, Shooters, Shmups, Sports and Platformers, the NEO GEO AES has always been the top console to have.



Each console listed has been cleaned, serviced and tested.


Package includes:

Neo Geo AES Console
Aussie Power supply
AV Cable
UniBIOS v4.0 - This mod gives the console region free functionality and a wealth of other must have features. The UniBIOS is a genuine item supplied by the maker - Razoola.
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    The cases have some small scuffs and light scratches from 25 years of use, but overall they are in great shape. We try our best to source the cleanest consoles and recondition them for our customers. See exact console and photos for specific condition.




    Here's some more information about each console.


    Console 1

    Japanese console

    Serial 074532
    (Low serial, early revision console)

    Comes with kidney bean style joystick, AV cables, Aussie Power supply




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