Console | Panasonic FZ-1 FZ-10 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Console

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Panasonic FZ-1 FZ-10 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Console





Excellent. Cleaned, serviced and working.



Console, Controller, AV Cable, Power Cord


The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console, often simply just called the 3DO, is a home video game console founded in 1991 by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins.

Released in November 11, 1994 (a year after the FZ-1), it's the second generation console, slimmer and lighter model which replaced the FZ-1 in Panasonic's portfolio. The FZ-10 featured a top loading CD tray, an internal memory manager and repositioned the LEDs and controller port. The controller is also smaller and lighter than the one included with the FZ-1.

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